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Thinking Of Becoming A Governor

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Core Purpose

We will ensure that each Academy in the Trust:

  • is aware of and responsive to the needs and ambitions of its local community;
  • is equipped to take responsibility for raising the aspirations and achievement of its pupils;
  • offers an exciting, extended and relevant curriculum;
  • provides excellent teaching;
  • recognises and shares success; identifies and works on areas in need of improvement;
  • ensures the welfare and safety of all members of its community;
  • ensures no individual nor group of learners loses confidence in their ability to succeed;
  • encourages the learning attitudes of curiosity, resilience and independence;
  • promotes care for self and each other, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, service and respect;
  • prepares its pupils as active and responsible citizens in local, national and global contexts;
  • prepares its pupils for the next stage in their learning and for the world of work.