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Developing Our Governance & Leadership

We see governorship as the knowledge, skills and leadership of governors, and governance as the system that controls and ensures the proper running of service used and funded by the public. The trust has committed and highly skilled members and directors who effectively hold the executive to account and we rate our governorship as very good. We now intend to develop our governance to be more visibly accountable and responsive to the local communities each academy serves. We intend that TMAT is noted for its educational leadership both within and beyond the trust.

We will enable our governors and leaders by:

  1. Providing them with timely, consistent and accurate benchmarked reports on MAT and academy provision and progress
  2. Equipping them with the knowledge, skills and experiences to be recognised education leaders
  3. Listening and responding to their leadership ambitions
  4. Learning from successful leadership beyond the MAT.

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