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Developing Our Relationships

Academies are set up to benefit children and young adults, their families, the local community and the wider educational landscape. To realise these benefits MATs should be involved with local authorities and other providers, to lead on area-wide educational improvement. Academies also have much to gain from close links with the communities they serve and links with other providers. In this strategic phase of “development” we intend to foster closer relationships with neighbouring schools and academies, respecting their independence, whilst identifying collaborative activities and projects that may benefit both parties. We will position ourselves as a trust open to further membership and educational partnerships.

We will develop our relationships by:

  1. Involving the local community more in academy life
  2. Forming collaborative relationships with other local, regional and national educational providers
  3. Joining local and regional educational research projects
  4. Sharing some of our staff development programmes beyond our own MAT
  5. Exploring the co-option of governors and leaders from other trusts onto TMAT governing boards and committees.

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