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Governance Functions

Tollbar Family of Academies

is the organisation run by Tollbar Multi Academy Trust.

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust

has 5 Members in accordance with the Articles of Association.

The Board of Trustees

is constituted as below in accordance with the Articles of Association:

8 Trustees.

The Executive Team

is led by the Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Team may deploy staff to support its work. As needed, the Executive Team call on the services of their external business partners.

The Centre

describes the Executive Team with its staff and the Board of Trustees.

Constituent Academies

are part of the organisation and may have representation on the Board. They are 'owned' by the Trust and accountable to the Centre.

Responsibilities and Functions of the Board

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee established to fulfil its objects of association, which make explicit reference to the maintaining, managing and developing of its constituent academies.

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust is regulated by its Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and the Supplemental Funding Agreements related to the organisation's constituent academies. In addition, Tollbar Multi Academy Trust is bound by the statutory and regulatory guidance set out in the Academies Financial Handbook.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • ensuring the quality of educational provision and outcomes
  • keeping under review the performance of each constituent academy
  • managing the Trust's finances and property
  • ensuring compliance with charity and company law
  • ensuring compliance with the Articles of Association, the Funding Agreement and the statutory and regulatory guidance set out in the Academies Financial Handbook
  • employing staff

Key Functions of the Board are to:

  • Develop and keep under review the strategic vision of the Trust
  • Consider and incorporate new constituent academies
  • Appoint and set the pay and conditions of service of a clerk to the Board of Trustees who also acts as Secretary to the Members of the Trust
  • Establish a structure and terms of reference for committees of the Board and the Local Governing Bodies
  • Develop and keep under review the annual business plan for the Trust
  • Appoint a Chief Executive Officer and determine his/her remuneration in the light of performance and national benchmarks
  • Respond to any enquiries made by the external auditor, appointed by the Members
  • Put in place such internal audit measures as are necessary to assure internal control in accordance with the requirements of the Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Devolve funding to constituent academies
  • Act as the admission authority on behalf of the constituent academies
  • Monitor and collect reports of the income and expenditure of the constituent academies
  • Produce collated Trust-wide accounts and compile the annual report in accordance with the Articles of Association
  • Act as the point of purchase for all goods and service across the whole organisation
  • Manage the estate that is leased to or owned by the Trust
  • Develop and implement a Trust-wide ICT strategy
  • Through managing the Principals of each constituent academy, hold managers and Governors to account for the quality of educational provision and educational outcomes of children and young people
  • Recruit, employ (and dismiss where necessary) staff
  • Develop and publish Trust-wide policies (eg admissions, complaints, exclusions, pay and performance, health and safety)
  • Monitor and ensure the publication of local procedures for constituent academies (eg financial, self-evaluation, development planning, purchasing, admissions, exclusions, etc)
  • Establish independent committees for any admissions or exclusions appeals across all constituent academies
  • Keep under review the effectiveness of the work of the Trust.

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