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Individual Victories For Tollbar MAT Academies In Indoor Rowing Championships

Annabelle Mason Cook, from Cleethorpes Academy, takes part in the Grimsby Indoor Rowing Championships 2019.

Cleethorpes Academy took second place in the Grimsby Indoor Rowing Championships, held at Oasis Academy, Wintringham. Seven schools took part in all and there were individual victories for students from all three Tollbar MAT Academies.

The results were as follows:

Overall results:

Cleethorpes Academy - 2nd place.

Tollbar Academy - 5th place.

Somercotes Academy – 6th place.

Individual winners:

Year 7 girls –  Chloe Bolton (Tollbar Academy).

Year 8 girls – Lydia Frost (Somercotes Academy).

Year 8 boys – Tristan Walker (Cleethorpes Academy).

Year 11 girls – Rebecca Boyd (Tollbar Academy).

Somercotes Academy student Lydia Frost, who won the Year 8 girls individual event.

Chloe Bolton and Jessica Meredith, from Tollbar Academy, take part in the Grimsby Indoor Rowing Championships 2019.

Harvey Cribb from Cleethorpes Academy.

The Tollbar MAT rowing teams from Somercotes, Cleethorpes and Tollbar Academies. (L-r) Ethan Duckworth (Tollbar Academy), Benjamin Leggett (Tollbar Academy), Manisha Bains (Somercotes Academy), Dovydas Bartusevicius (Cleethorpes Academy), Benjamin Cass (Tollbar Academy), Ryan Young (Somercotes Academy), Lucy Lakin (Cleethorpes Academy), Libby Capes (Cleethorpes Academy), Max Osgothorpe (Cleethorpes Academy) and Chloe Bolton (Tollbar Academy).