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Tollbar Academy Ranked Number One In Schools Guide, And Ahead Of Grammar School

Tollbar Academy is the highest-ranking, state-funded secondary school in the region and one of the top schools in the country, according to the Real Schools Guide out today. Last summer, 47 Tollbar Academy children (pictured above) achieved at least one top Grade 9 in their GCSE exams - the equivalent of the old A* grade, and there were 133 Grade 9s achieved across all subjects.

Tollbar Academy has been ranked ahead of the Louth Grammar School in one of the most comprehensive guides to state-funded secondary education produced in recent years.

Not only is the Academy ranked number one in the North East Lincolnshire region, with a five star rating, but it is also ranked 434 out of 3,166 in the national rankings, ahead of Louth's King Edward V1 Grammar School at 446.

This is the 7th year that the Real Schools Guide has been published as a guide for parents to state-funded secondary schools.

The Government's National League Tables only look at GCSE performance and Attainment 8, but the system used by this guide moves beyond what it calls these 'limited measurements' to give parents a better idea of which schools will help their children prosper no matter what their background. The system uses 51 different measures, put together from the latest publicly available data, and broken-down into four categories - attainment, progress, attendance and outcomes.

Using these measurements, The Real Schools Guide ranks Tollbar Academy as number one in the region and one of the highest performing state-funded secondary schools in the country. This is despite it having more than 2,000 pupils, which is twice the number of students of many schools, with mixed abilities across all age groups.

With an Outstanding rating by Ofsted, initially in 2008 and again in 2013, performance at the Academy continues to rise. In January this year it was ranked as the highest performing school in Northern Lincolnshire, based on its 2018 GCSE results, after students scored the highest according to the Attainment 8 measure, which is made up of average scores across eight GCSE subjects. Students came out with an average score of 51.8, ahead of others in the region and well above the national average of 46.4.

Tollbar Academy is the flagship of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust and its Principal Caroline Yates is rightly proud of its staff and students. "Their results are testament to their dedication and hard work," she said.

The Trust's Chief Executive, David Hampson OBE, who has played a pivotal role in the success of Tollbar for almost 30 years, said today: "I am very proud of the staff, students, their parents and our Governing Body for their contributions to making Tollbar Academy the tremendous educational establishment it is today.

"This guide gives parents a well rounded view of what local schools can offer their children and I am delighted that Tollbar Academy is rated number one, which is testament to our relentless drive to provide quality education for local children."

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Chief Executive, David Hampson.