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Trust Rewards Long-Serving Staff

Long serving members of staff celebrate with TMAT Chief Executive, David Hampson OBE.

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Chief Executive, David Hampson OBE, paid a heartfelt tribute to his staff when he presented 30 gifts for long service.

"Hundreds, possibly thousands, of young people all over the country, if not the world, are where they are now because of your incredible support and dedication, and my thanks go to each and every one of you," he told them.

The TMAT staff all work in one of the Trust's seven local academies or at Tollbar Sixth Form College in a wide variety of roles, among them management, teaching, maintenance, IT, administration, cleaning and custodians. Awards were presented in four categories - for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service.

The longest serving member of staff at the awards, who received a £250 Amazon gift voucher, was Cleethorpes Academy Vice Principal Louise Ciechanowski for 25 years' service.

She said: "There have been many positive changes in teaching over the years. The reason we do this job is to make a difference to the lives of the children we teach."

Celebrating 20 years' service were: Kevin Blake (TMAT Information and Communications Manager); Dani Parker (Tollbar Academy Vice Principal); and Tracey Webb (Louth Academy Vice Principal). They each received Amazon gift vouchers worth £150.

TMAT long-serving members of staff who have reached their 20 and 25-year milestones, with David Hampson OBE (Chief Executive of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust). They are Tracey Webb (Louth Academy Vice Principal); Louise Ciechanowski (Cleethorpes Academy Vice Principal); Kevin Blake (TMAT Information and Communications Manager); and Dani Parker (Tollbar Academy Vice Principal).