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Scheme Of Delegation

This scheme of delegation describes the functions of the Board that are devolved through the Executive to the constituent academies.

From the authority delegated to him by the Board the Chief Executive Officer may, in turn, and with the agreement of the Board, delegate such authority as he sees fit to the constituent academies. In technical terms, the Board will be delegating authority with responsibilities to the Local Governing Bodies, whilst the Chief Executive Officer will be delegating authority with responsibilities to the Principals. Clear procedures and schemes of delegation from local governing bodies to respective Principals will ensure that this is not an overcomplicated arrangement and that it is not bringing risks to the achievement of improved educational outcomes.

There is no requirement that the Scheme of Delegation from the Trust to each Academy in the Tollbar Family of Academies should be identical, though there is a requirement that a scheme of delegation exists.

Where a constituent academy is in need of improvement, the Chief Executive Officer may deploy to that academy an Executive Headteacher from the Trust Executive Team in order to provide additional leadership capacity. In these cases the Executive Headteacher acts as the agent of the Chief Executive Officer using this authority to directly manage the academy where there is no Principal in place or working strategically with the Principal where there is one in place.

The execution of all delegated authority must comply with policy and conform to the procedures guides.

The following responsibilities to be exercised within each constituent academy will be delegated to the constituent academies:

  • Fulfil the objects of the Trust
  • Hold responsibility for the quality of teaching and educational outcomes
  • Prepare the academy for any external inspection
  • Run the academy on a day-to day basis
  • Implement the Board's policies and advise on their development
  • Develop practices and local procedures aligned to these policies
  • Provide overall strategic leadership and, with others, lead and develop the academy
  • Promote the safety and well-being of pupils and staff
  • Hold responsibility for health and safety on site
  • Maintain the site and environment at the standard specified by the Trust
  • Lead and manage teaching and learning throughout the academy including ensuring, other than in exceptional circumstances, that a teacher is assigned in the academy timetable to every class or group of pupils
  • Ensure good order and discipline amongst pupils and staff
  • Organise and deploy resources within the academy
  • Maintain relationships with organisations representing teachers and other members of the academy's workforce
  • Promote the participation of staff in relevant continuing professional development

The following responsibilities to be exercised within each constituent academy may be delegated to the constituent academies at the discretion of the CEO:

  • Decide on casual admissions (in-year)
  • Lead, manage and develop the academy workforce, including assessing and managing performance
  • Participate in arrangements for the Principal's further training and professional development and, where appropriate, that of other teachers and support staff including induction
  • Participate in arrangements for the appraisal and review of the Principal’s performance, and, where appropriate, that of other teachers and support staff
  • Decide, in connection with any relevant application, whether a teacher at the academy meets the national professional standards relevant to their current career
  • Collaborate and work with colleagues and other relevant professionals within and beyond the academy including relevant external agencies and bodies

Local Governing Bodies

In line with the Master Funding Agreement (Paragraphs 14, 15) Local Governing Bodies are established as Committees of the Board to ensure that the interests of the Board are represented to the constituent academies, at the local level, and that the interests of the constituent academies are represented to the Board, at the Centre.

The Board reserves powers to suspend the normal arrangements for the establishment and operation of Local Governing Bodies. These powers are exercised in cases where direct control is in the interests of a constituent academy. Examples of such cases include newly adopted academies and academies whose performance is inadequate. The Board reserves the right to maintain such arrangements for as long as they deem appropriate.


The LGB usually comprises:

  • 3 persons appointed by the Directors of the Trust
  • 2 Parents of pupils at the constituent academy (by local election)
  • The Principal and CEO of the MAT or their representative will attend all meetings of the LGB (non-voting)
  • An elected non-voting representative of the staff of the constituent academy


In the context of the constituent academy, the primary purposes of the Local Governing Body are:

  • in the role of 'critical friend' to the Principal, to support the Principal in aligning strategy and direction of the academy to the object of the Trust and the vision of the Board
  • the proper implementation of statutory requirements and those determined by the Board
  • the monitoring and evaluation of the academy improvement plan
  • representing their local community in the academy and the academy in their local community


To meet its purposes the Board will:

  • Ensure the LGB meets on no fewer than three occasions each year
  • Appoint a Clerk on terms and conditions determined by the Board
  • Implement the necessary and appropriate sub-committee structure, appointing a Chair for each

Sub-committee Chairs are to convene meetings each term in accordance with the schedule of meetings agreed by the Board and after consultation with the Principal regarding the agenda contents. Formal minutes are to be taken by the Clerk and circulated to all local Governors and forwarded to the Board.

A quorum of 3 is necessary to run a meeting but decisions are to be taken on a majority of Governors.

Terms of Reference

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, the local governing body will:

  • Evaluate the academy's performance and to determine the priorities for action needed to remediate weaknesses and to develop strengths
  • Inform and keep under review the allocation and spend of resources to the priorities
  • Propose annually a set of quantifiable performance objectives related to the academy's priorities (key deliverables)
  • Assess any risks to the achievement of the academy's key deliverables and to determine measures for their mitigation
  • Keep performance under review.

Appointment/Removal of Local Governing Body Members

The terms of appointment and removal of Local Governing Body members will be as stated in the Code of Conduct.

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